Exam data

Here you setup data for the exam regarding date and submission conditions. Some of them are explained below.

  • It is required that you set a start date and an end date for both exam and assessment.
  • Assign date and time in the text field or use the ‘date tool’ by clicking the calendar symbol.

Please note that the students submission will be marked as handed in late if the submission happens after the exam end. The student can hand in up until date and time for the assessment end but will have to contact the exam administrator who will decide if the submission will be released to the assessor.

  • Submission conditions determine if the students are allowed to hand in groupwise or they have to hand in invidually
  • You can determine a max and min group size
  • You can determine that the students can hand in large files and the allowed formats
  • Grace period allows students to hand their submission after the exam ends (without it being marked as a late submission)

    Please note that grace period is a setting at the university level whichs means
    • that the university may decide not to show it as an option
    • the setting can be shown as an option but not checked on an exam
    • the setting can be default checked with x minutes as a grace periode, which can be changed on individual exams
  • Pure can be checked (if your university has an integration to the library for publishing hand-inds) Read more about pure her

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