In this tab you can assign assessors to an exam. The assigned assessors are allocated manually or automatically on students and/or groups.

Click the blue box ‘Edit assessors’ (not the arrow!) to add assessors to an exam.

A dialog box will appear, and here you can select which type of assessors you want to assign the exam. Search the name of the person you want to assign the exam.

Once you have selected assessors, the dialog box with your selections will be updated. If you are satisfied with your choices, click ‘Save’ to assign assessors and finish.

In the tab ‘Assessors’ you can now see the students on the left and various assessors on the right. Since no assessors has been allocated to the students, the check boxes are empty.

To manually assign assessors, click on the box next to a student with an associated assessor. Click on an assessors name to check all boxes assigned to this person – this means an assessor will be a allocated all students/groups assigned the exam. Click the assessors name again to unselect all students assigned the assessor.

Click the arrow in the blue box (‘Edit assessors’) to the right, if you want to assign assessors automatically.

Click the arrow in the box, and the drop down menu will appear. Next, click the top option ‘Assign assessors’.

In the dialog box, you choose who you want to distribute to, and how many students / groups each assessor should have. Remember to finish by clicking ‘Delegate’. Afterwards also click ‘Save’ in the bottom of the page to save the delegation.

An example of an easy and quick solution is to delegate automatically to all assessors at once and distribute the students equally.

Back in the overview, we now see that the students are distributed among the various assessors as the check boxes are marked. From here it is again possible to edit manually. Click ‘Save’ in the bottom of the page to save the delegation.

Here, the students are evenly distributed among the assessors. As there is only one internal co-assessor and one external examiner, these will be assigned to all students.


The external assessors can be downloaded via integration to Censor IT, the Censor Secretariat or linked manually. If there are changes via the integration, this is automatically updated in the Exam System.

Assessors can see the groups if they are logged in and click on the link next to the test, which states how many students are on the test.