Group formation – manually and automatically

If the students should be able to submit in groups, the administrator must go to the tab Exam Data and set ‘Exam submission conditions’ to “Free groups allowed” or “Forced exam group”. These changes will only take effect, if the admin presses ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.
(If ‘Free groups allowed’ is selected, the maximum number per group is set directly in the tab Exam Data)

Note that ‘Exam submission conditions’ cannot be changed if students already have submitted hand-ins.

In the tab ‘Students’, administrator will now be able to form groups.

I.e. you can select all students and then click the arrow on the button ‘Edit selected’ and select ‘Assign students into groups. In the dialog box, choose every group to have 4 members. Remember to click ‘Create groups’. In the tab ‘Students’ you now see that the students are placed in groups.

I the dialog box you either choose between a fixed number of groups or a fixed number of students in every group.

It is possible to edit single groups after the group formation. This is done by selecting a group and click the arrow on the ‘Edit selected’-button and select ‘Edit group’. You can both remove and add group members or dissolve the group. Click ‘Save’ to finish.

Extra time for Individual students

It is possible to assign students individual (extra) time for an exam. Select the students to specify individual time and click the button ‘Edit selected’ in the bottom.
In the dialog box, check the box for ‘Specify individual time manually’. Date boxes will appear, and now you can edit the individual time (this will count for all of the selected students).

Here two students are assigned individual time of a total of 5 hours. Click ‘Save’ to finish.

Remove students form an exam

During an exam it is possible to remove one or more students. This is done by selecting the students you wish to remove and click ‘Edit selected’.

In the dialog box, remove the check mark from the ‘Use existing hand-in method for exam’ box. Next, from field ‘Hand-in method’, select ‘Can’t hand in (exam invisible for students)’ in the drop-down menu.

From the tab ‘Students’, remarks are now given to the students removed from the exam.

Free groups allowed

On the tab Exam Data the ‘Exam submission conditions’ for the students can be set as ‘Free groups allowed’. Here you will be able to select some conditions as well as set the deadline for group formation and the maximum number of group members.