Exam question set/Multiple choice

This tab varies depending on which type of assignment is chosen. Choose between ‘Add exam question” or ‘Multiple choice’

Add set of exam question

  • Click on Add exam set

  • Fill out the relevant information (title, upload files etc)
  • Click on Save

Mass creation of exam set

  • If you wish to create more exam sets
    choose Mass creation from the drop down above
  • Create a title and a description on
    the next line
  • Separate the exam questions with
    a blank line

  • The exam questions will be shown as you type

Choosing an Multiple choice (MCQ)

  • Choose “Change to Multiple Choice”
  • Then either Add (if the MCQ quiz already has been created in the MCQ designer modul) or Edit (if the MCQ quiz has to be created)
  • Add an already created quiz to the exam

  • Or click on Edit to access the MCQ quiz designer to create a quiz

For further guidance and information on Multiple choice, check the links below:

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