Exam question set/Multiple choice

This tab varies depending on which type of assignment is chosen. Choose between ‘Fritekst eller fil’, ‘Multiple choice’ eller ‘Studerendes eget materiale’.

In the drop down menu you can choose which type of exam set to work with. Click the value you want to select.

Own material from student

Selecting ‘Own material for student’ gives you two opportunities for assigning: ‘Manual’ and ‘Drawing lots’. You can choose between these in the menu ‘Assignments’.

Click the desired value to select assignment.

If ‘Drawing lots’ is selected, a new box with ‘Rules for drawing lots’ will appear.

Click the button with “Rules for drawing lots” to edit settings.

Select the desired settings and finish with ‘Save’.

In ‘Material upload rules’ administrator sets a minimum and a maximum for number of products to uploaded.
Notice: All products are included in the draw! If administrator wants to upload and draw between exactly 4 products, both minimum and maximum number of products must be set to 4.

Additionally deadline for uploading material can be set. Also an invisible grace period for submitting products can be assigned. Finish by clicking ‘Save’.

Exam questions are automatically drawn on the date specified in the dialog box. Assessors are able to see the result as soon as the drawing has occurred, and the assessment time has begun. The result of the drawing is shown for every student in the “Exam question” column.
The students can access the exam question from their exam overview when exam start occurs.

Freeform text or file

When selecting ‘Freeform text or file’, you must add a set of exam questions. This can be done individually, but it is also possible to load many at once by selecting the ‘Import exam question sets’ function.

By clicking the arrow, you get a drop down menu. Select the function you want to use.

When choosing ‘Add set of exam questions, a dialog box will appear.

Fill in the dialog box and click ‘Save’ to finish.

If you want to load many at once, select the ‘Mass creation of exam questions’ function. This opens a dialog box where texts can be copied to. First line becomes headline, second line becomes the question. A blank line marks the transition to the next question.

The above is an example of how to design multiple task sets at once. Click ‘Save’ to finish.

The exam question sets are now ready, and you will still be able edit and delete if you want to.

Multiple choice (MCQ)

For this type of exam question select ‘Multiple choice’ i the menu. Click the button “Add multiple choice” to add a Multiple choice question. In the dialog box, click the black arrow and select a set from the list.

To access the designer, click ‘Edit multiple choice’.

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