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  • What are the minimum requirements for setting up an exam?
  • What is grace period?
    • When Grace period is activated, students can submit after deadline (this can facilitate the work of the support).


  • What options do I have for annotations?
    • You can choose to use the internal tool
    • You can choose to download the hand-ins and upload them again after annotations
  • How do I share annotations with other assessors?
  • When can I assess hand-ins?
    • It is the administrator who sets the date for assessment start
  • When are grades sent to STADS?


  • Why has my hand-in not been assessed?
    • It typically takes four weeks from hand-in to you recieve your assessment. However, this may vary.
      Check assessment deadline in the field Deadlines under My exams.
  • Where do I see my grades?
    • Grades do not appear on Digital Exam. Instead, you should contact your educational institution to get more information.
  • What do I do if I already submitted but would like to regret it?
  • Why can I not see my exam?
  • What is the size-limit of the file I can upload?
    • Your file may not exceed 50 MB.
  • Where do I see my grades?
    • Grades do not appear on Digital Exam – you must instead contact your educational institution.