Hand-ins (including deletion of assessment)

In this tab you can see details for students Hand-ins as well as activity log.

It is an option for the Administrator to edit the hand-in information. Clik ‘Show / Edit’ i the column ‘Hand-in’. In the dialogbox click ‘Edit hand-in information’.

Latest activity is shown in the column ‘Activity log’. Click the latest activity to see activity log history.

Release hand-ins for assessment

On this tab, admins also have the ability to administrate the students in different ways including;

  • Give administrative assessment
  • Release hand-ins for assessment (I.E if a student submitted an exam too late, as exams submitted outside the allotted time is not automatically send for assessment. Note that this does not change the start of the assessment period, but only ensures that the student is actually sent for assessment)
  • Reopen submission

Remove assessment

If administrator wants to remove an assessment, use ‘Administrative tools’ located in the top of the screen.
Click and select ‘Remove assessments’. Search the relevant exam and remove assessments.

Select one or more assessments to be removed. Click the blue box ‘Remove assessments’ and finish the dialog box by clicking ‘Remove assessments’.