Administrator and assessor can set prerequisites for an exam. The requirements must be met for the student to participate in the exam. The requirements can either be an Exam for a Combined exam or requirements for a standard Exam.
If the student does not meet the requirements or the administrator / assessor has forgotten to take a position on the students’ fulfillment of established requirements, the exam will not be available for the student.

Prerequisites in the Exam data

  • Check the box for “Use prerequisites”

Prerequisites checked

  • When prerequisites is checked, a new tab will be shown (“Prerequisites”)
  • You can add, edit and delete requirements from the module
  • Administration of students related to fulfillment of requirements is handled from the module

Administration in the module

  • Massevurdering af studerende pr. krav. Selve kravet kan også redigeres eller helt slettes (det med gult indrammede)
  • Students who do not have to meet the requirement can be exempted under Visibility under the Create Requirement (found under the option with a yellow box)
  • Students can be assessed on the entire exam by checking the box with the blue frame.
  • Status shows whether students are Nominated, Not nominated or Not yet evaluated
  • Notes can not be added to the students

Indstil studerende

  • In the More-menu in the upper right corner, students can be set by admin or assessor based on the number of approved/passed prerequisites
  • Picture to right shows an example where 2 approved study activities is chosen, only 2 out of 3 students will be approved for the exam

Assessment of prerequisites

  • Green status = students can attend the exam
  • Red status = students can not attend the exam
  • Grey status = not yet evaluated

Please note: Students can not access the exam if status is either Red or Grey

  • Administrator and assessor can choose to grant Green status despite red markings next to each requirement
  • Red markings next to each requirement do not automatically give Red status. Administrator and assessor must actively grant Red status to avoid administrator attention points

Forudsætningskrav ikke opfyldt (eller manglende stillingtagen)

  • If a student does not meet the requirements, they can not access the exam and are greeted with “You do not meet the prerequisites for this exam, and you can therefore not access it. If you think this is an error, please contact the exam administrator”
  • Students who do not meet the requirements can be selected via filtering on the tabs assessors, students and answers
  • Students who have not taken a position as an administrator or assessor will appear in the Attention Points