This tab aims to give you information, overview and status of all tabs related to the choosen exam.

From the overview tab you have som editing options (Please note that some data cannot be altered if students have already submitted their hand-ins)

  • You can make an exam visible/not visible
  • Show the exam log (shows the changes made on the exam)
  • Import exam settings from another exam
  • Delete en exam
  • If the exam is an exam without submission (PUA) you can also choose to make the exam invisible for the student by clicking “hide the exam”:
    When you make the exam visible afterwards it will only be visible for the assessors
  • When a box has a green check marker , the settings are approved and ready for use.
  • On the above exam the right staff has been set assigned to the exam, but the assessors have not yet been assigned to the students hence the red minus