Welcome to the English version of Digital Eksamen: Digital Exam.

Digital Exam is a system that handles the exam process from the moment it is born in the study administration system as an exam registration, to the exam is set up, the student submits, and an assessment has been submitted back to the study administration system. Digital Exam has been developed in collaboration with higher education in Denmark and is used at 7 of the country’s 8 universities. This ensures that the system is targeted at higher education in Denmark to make the workflows as easy as possible.

Digital Exam contains 3 overall roles: Administrators, Students and Assessors.


All information on exams can be delivered via data flow from integrating systems such as course catalogs, exam plans, curricula, etc. In cases where the integrating systems cannot provide data, it will be Administrators who are responsible for organizing the tests and adjusting the settings correctly. They must, among other things, decide on times, dispensation rooms, and allocation of students to assessors.

Navigate to the Administrators tab to read more about how to use Digital Exam as a student.


Assessors cover both examiners, internal co-assessors and external examiners. They all have in common, that they have to give an assessment for the students. All assessors have the same tools such as online annotation, notes, feedback and performance reporting, whether they are examiners or censors.

Assessors only have access to the students they are set to grade on the test. This makes it easier for the assessor to stay focused on submitting and reporting results.

Navigate to the Assessors tab to read more about how to use Digital Exam as an assessor.


For students, the meeting with Digital Exam is typically about checking exam times and handing in written material, which must either be assessed for themselves or used for an oral exam. The flow for the student is always the same, so that comfortability is quickly achieved by the system.

Students are only gained access to the exams they are enrolled in via the study administration system.

Navigate to the Students tab to read more about how to use Digital Exam as a student.