Access and overview, Assessors

Access to Digital Exam is through your university intranet where you choose the role ‘Assessor’.
The following will then be displayed:

  • all exams or exams under assessment on the page ‘My exams’ (front page)
  • Please note that Exam plan shows a overview of all your oral exams.
    The plan contains an overview of students, dates, exam times, room and co-examiners. In the case of more than one exam they will be listed consecutively.
    The plan can also be printed.
  • assessment start (availability time for access to hand-ins) or assessment end (deadline for submitting grades)

  • the number of students to the right
    is the status on your students
    • 2 students have handed in a submission
    • x have not handed in (without submission)
    • x is planned (if there is an exam plan for that exam you can see it here)
    • You have not been assigned any students on this exam
There will also be information about admins, examiners and observers.

Planned exams

  • Before assessment start you can see different info about the exam by clicking on the exam
    • Exam name
    • Periode
    • Exam type
    • Start/end

Overview Hand-ins

Select an exam when assessment has started to get an overview of:

  • your assigned students
  • group formations

You can also see

  • download all hand-ins
  • open hand-ins individually (possibility to use the browser annotation tool)
  • provide feedback (joint to all your students or individual feedback)
  • submit grades/or a result if you are accessing
    a partial exam in a combined exam