Submit assessment

  • As an assessor you can submit a grade, but wait to publish.
    It is only you who can see a submitted grade.
    The grade is saved in Digital Exam, and you can return later within deadline for assessment to publish.

Publishing assessment

  • Publishing is the final step, and the grades will automatically be transferred to the study administrative system. Right before the final publish you can – if relevant – indicate an earlier assessment date for publishing. You can also change the exam language for the student.

More assessors

  • there can be more assessors on one hand-in. Digital Exam shows with help from a status how far in progress other assessors are with their assessment.
    Digital Exam prevents publishing of different graded assessments and shows which students you do not agree on. You can change your submitted grade as long as your co-assessor has not published yet.

How to submit and publish

Submit assessment

  • Export to excel allows you to enter grades directly into a sheet, which can then be uploaded via the import function. Remember to keep the naming of the sheet when importing.

  • You can also enter grades individually directly in DE by clicking on the dropdown under grades next to the individual student. The grade entered is only provisional, but is saved in DE even if you log off.

Publish assessment

  • When the grades are ready to be published, click on the blue Reported assessment button. This is final and means that the grades are transferred to the administrative system.

Assessment date and language

Assessment date

  • Before the final step, you can indicate an different assessment date, if you are not assessing on the given exam date.


  • Make sure that the specified language is displayed correct. The language must be the same as the exam language.

Status for submitting and publishing

Status can be as followed:

None of 2 assessors has submitted assessment

Your co-assessor has submitted, but not published

You co-assessor has submitted and published

You have both submitted and published.

If grades differs from another

When publishing, you will get a notification, and you should contact your co-assessor.