As an assessor, you can annotate the student’s hand-in as part of the feedback you wish to give.

This requires, however, that the student has not submitted their answer as an annotation in exam questions set. It is therefore important to communicate to the students that they should not give their answers as annotations.

  • If the answer is submitted as an annotation directly in the exam questions set there is a risk that the built-in annotation tool (which the assessor can use) does not show the student’s comments and the answer may then appear empty.
  • It depends on which tool the student has used and since there are many options here, annotation of already annotated documents is turned off completely, so that there is no doubt whether the student actually has given an answer.
  • In such cases, the assessor has to download the answer in the usual way and possibly annotate via own tool

Annotation in Digital Exam

  • Annotations in the hand-in are made by clicking on “Read in browser”
  • The student’s hand-in opens up and you can link “sticky notes” and freehand drawing to the hand-in
  • You can navigate between the different hand-ins that the assessor has been assigned and grade (the grade is not final till you have clicked on Submit “assessments”
  • The work is saved automatically.