Combined exams

What is a combined exam?

  • Combined exam is the opportunity to link several stand-alone exams together in one
  • The students can thereby take several exams with only one registration needed. Entries are “copied” onto the partial exams
  • It is possible to provide feedback and partial results on the individual exams, but only one overall grade can be submitted and sent back to the administrative system. Therefore, a so-called grade submission test (Named Gradesubmission) is automatically created, where the overall grades must be submitted.
  • Partial exams can be created that do not require any assessment.

To see more, read the instructions on Setup and deletion of Combined Exam

Setup of combined exam

How can a combined exam look like?

  • A combined exam can look like this:
    • Name of exam (‘Balancering prøveforløb’)
    • 3 added exams without invigilation (‘Balancering af elsystemer med storskala vindkraft’, ‘Balancering 2’, ‘Balancering 3’)
    • Gradesubmission
Icon for ‘Gradesubmission’

Every exam added to a combined exam has the icon for ‘Gradesubmission’ combined with the icon belonging to its own type of exam. ‘Exam without invigilation’ will hold this icon.

Read more about the assessors roles here