Assessors/admins role on exams in Combined exams

What is a combined exam?

Combined exam is a way to connect more than one individual exam into a single exam.

In this way, students can take more multiple exams with one registration.

As assessor it is possible to provide feedback (and grades) on added exams (this depends on settings by the administrator), but only one grade will be sent to the administrative system.

Within a combined exam a ‘Gradesubmission’ is automatically created, from where the submission of grades must take place.

Setup of combined exam

How can a combined exam look like?

  • A combined exam can look like this:
    • Name of exam (‘Balancering prøveforløb’)
    • 3 added exams witohut invigilation (‘Balancering af elsystemer med storskala vindkraft’, ‘Balancering 2’, ‘Balancering 3’)
    • Gradesubmission
Icon for ‘Gradesubmission’

Every exam added to a combined exam has the icon for ‘Gradesubmission’ combined with the icon belonging to its own type of exam. ‘Exam without inviligation’ will hold this icon.

Assessors role on combined exams

Assessor on ‘Gradesubmission’

  • Examiner on ‘Gradesubmission’ kan provide and submit grades in the ‘Gradesubmission’
  • Examiner only added to the ‘Gradesubmission’ is automatically assigned the role as ‘observer’ for the exams
    • If this person is removed form the ‘Gradesubmission’, the person will also be removed as ‘observer’ from the exam.

Examiner on exam

  • has access to read hand-ins
  • can provide feedback and submit grades (not submitted to STADS)
  • cannot gain access to ‘Gradesubmission’, but this will still be shown in the headline ‘Combined exam’.

Observer on exam

  • has the same opportunities as examiner, but cannot provide feedback or submit grades.

Examiner on ‘Gradesubmission’

Insight in exams assessment

When examiner are giving an overall grade for a combined exam (using the ‘Gradesubmission’), an overview of the grades given in every exam can be achieved by clicking the burger-menu icon for the student concerned.