Oral examination (in order)

If you want to create an exam plan where the students can be assigned a day and a sequence number then select

  • students are going to the exam in order
    (largely identical to the original way of assigning exam times where you can choose between groups having one common exam time or group members having separate exam times
  • Check the students and indicate that you want to use order og create the exam times and day (and preparation if relevant) by using the button “Set exam times”
  • You can export the liste of exam times to excel excel via the multibutton
  • The exam times can be created or altered by the import function

Note that the “Create exam plan” function in multibutton links to the original (more simplified) version of the exam plan, where you via a wizard can create the following

  • Duration of the examination pr. student (preparation time if needed)
  • Exam room
  • Starting time for the first exam
  • Adding a pause
  • Date(s)

The newer exam plan function differs from the old one on the following

  • template oriented for exams over multiple days
  • you can move the students in the exam plan by dragging/dropping
  • you can assign accessors in pairs to the different days
  • “Holes” in the exam plan due to students deregistrating are being shown as items of considerations on the overview tab