Download exam question set and submit hand-in (group)


This is a walk-through for group hand-in, from downloading the exam question set to handing in (also submitting a blank exam).

Accessing the exam question set

Click the exam from the Digital Exam front page:

Exam information

  • From here you can see the hand-in steps
  • You see the name of exam, exam form, exam submission conditions and more.
  • Explaining text regarding the exam question set is also shown.
  • Finally, you can download the exam question set to your computer.

Forming your group (and start the submisson)

On most exams you can form your group well in advance of the submission but it depends on how your admin has set up you exam. Digital Exam will save your group if you form it in advance of the submission

  • Choose that you “will take the exam as part of a group”
  • Name your group og Save
  • To form your group search out the names of the group members and click on the blue plus sign
  • Click Next

Upload and confirm

Upload hand-in

  • Upload main document
  • Upload attachments (if any)
  • Click ‘Next’ in the bottom of the screen


  • You will now see the files you are about to confirm as your hand-in.
  • If everything is in order, click ‘Submit hand-in’ in the lower right corner.

Confirmation of exam submission / Edit hand-in


  • After submitting you will be redirected to a confirmation of exam submission page.
  • A receipt will also be sent to your student mail.


  • On some exam, until deadline you can edit/delete your hand-in and submit a new one

Your invited group members

  • As an invited group member you will see an invitation when you access the exam by clicking on the name
  • You can see the members name under Sender
  • Accept (to be a part of the group) or decline (if you are submitting on your own)
  • If the sender has already

Accept or decline


  • If you accept the invitation and the hand in has already submitted it will show up on your exam in Digital Exam
  • If the exam type allows it you can edit og resubmit just as your fellow students in your group. Please be advised that your actions regarding the hand in has an impact on the whole group


  • If you decline the invitation the submission flow starts from the beginning as if it were a regular individual hand in

Blank exam

If the group does not wish to submit, you can choose to submit a blank exam just as on the individual exams

  • Click the ‘Submit a blank exam’ button in the lower right corner.
  • You will get a warning where you can choose to continue or cancel
  • Choosing to submit a blank exam will also redirect you to a confirmation on the exam submission page