Access and overview, Students

Access to Digital Exam

As a student, you usually have access to the Digital Exam via your study intranet. This means you do not need a special login to the system.

From the front page you will have an overview of your exams.

  • Current exams covers both future exams and past exams which currently was graded
  • Archived exams are past exams more than 30 days old from exam end and exams that you did not participate in where the assessment deadline has beend reached
  • Please note that you can hand in up until the the date and time for assessment end but the hand in will be marked as handed in late. You will have to contact the exam administrator who will decide if the hand in can be send to the assessors.

Overview of exams

  • Current and archived exams under ‘My exams’ (front page)
  • Exam start/end and deadlines
  • Different statuses:
    1. Registered
    2. Exam in progress
    3. Oral exam
    4. Assessment in progress
    5. Assessment ready