Assessors role in combined exam

What is a combined exam?

  • Combined exam is the opportunity to link several stand-alone tests together in one
  • The students can thereby take several tests with only one registration needed. Entries are “copied” onto the partial exams
  • It is possible to provide feedback and partial results on the individual exams, but only one overall grade can be submitted and sent back to the administrative system. Therefore, a so-called grade submission test (Named Gradesubmission) is automatically created, where the overall grades must be submitted.
  • Partial exams can be created that do not require any assessment.

For more information see here how to setup and delete combined exams.

Assessors and combined exam

In order to simplify the handling of assessors you can choose that the initial allocation of assessors on combined exams is controlled by the reporting/gradesubmission exam through checkboxes on the assessor tab on the partial exams

  • When new exams are created from within the combined exam, the checkbox is automatically marked
  • For already created exams, the checkbox must be marked manually

The following logic applies when the check box is marked on the partial exams

  • If an assessor is allocated to the gradesubmission exam the assessor will be allocated to all students
  • If an assessor is removed from the gradesubmission exam, that person is also removed from the partial exams
  • A role of an assessor can be changed on the partial exams within the gradesubmission exam
  • Subsequent adjustments (changing the allocation to specific students) are not automatically changed on the partial exam

Examiner on the gradesubmission

  • Examiners on a Gradesubmission exam can submit and release grades on the Gradesubmission
  • Examiners who are only added on the Gradesubmission are automatically added as observers on the partial exams and automatically assigned to all the students (if the assessor assignment is controlled by the gradesubmission). This can be changed afterward on the partial exam.
    Please note that the examiner on the gradesubmission still needs to be assigned to the different students

Examiner on a partial exam

  • Has access to read hand-ins
  • Can give feedback or submit a result (The grade is not submitted in stads)
  • Can not see the final Gradesubmission test, but can see that the exam they are assessing is part of a combined exam

Observers on a partial exam

  • have the same rights as the examiners except for submitting a result
  • This means that they can also write/give feedback, but they can’t decide to release/submit the feedback

See details in the instructions for assessors on submitting assessments.

Overview of partial exam assessment

When the examiner has to give an overall assessment of a combined exam (by submitting a grade in Gradesubmission), it is possible to get an overview of the assessment of the partial tests by clicking on the icon with the ‘burger menu’ (see picture).
Here there is access to any co-assessor’s notes, the hand-ins and assessment on the partial test (if applicable)

“Archiving” of combined exams (moving to All exams)

  • If you are an assessor on an combined exam and the grades have been submitted, the entire combined exam is moved to All exams (regardless of whether partial results have been submitted for the partial exam)
  • If you are an assessor only on a partial exam with assessment, then the partial exam is moved to All exams as soon as the results have been submitted
  • If you are an assessor only on a partial exam without assessment the partial exam is moved to All exams when the assessment period is over

Administrator Bedømmer