Plagiarism check, PIN and Safe Exam Browser (and for som customers ITX Flex)

Note that settings regarding the ITX mobile solution (only University of Copenhagen) have their own tab called ITX

On the tab the administrator can choose different settings

  • Plagiarism (all exams with hand-ins)
    The hand-ins will be checked for plagiarism through a thirdparty system, that is integrated with Digital Exam)
  • Pin code (only on exam with invigilation)
    The administrator can decide that the students do need to put in a pin code to take the exam
  • Monitoring (ITX Flex, only a AAU and AU)
    You can read more below
  • Safe Exam Browser (Only on exams that use Editor or MCQ)

ITX flex (read more about it here)

  • ITX flex is a monitoring solution for field tests where the students bring their own computer. The solution records the students’ session
  • ITX flex requires the students to download a program and within their system settings on their computer give permission for screen recording.