Drawing lots for oral exams

With exams without submission the question set given to students can be decided through draw by random selection prior to the oral exam. Drawing by random selection supports a more digital flow and is, in principle, mostly given to support oral exams where students stay home. Draw by random selection can only be used for exams where oral examination has been switched on and time schedule have been given to the students. Rules can be set up for the draw, including that students/groups may not draw the same question (this requires that there are sufficient number of questions).

Preparation time can be set for the students (on the oral examination tab, where timetable are set for the oral exam)

The draw can also be changed to an automatic allocation of a random exam question.

Drawing lots on exam question set

  • When oral examination is on, the drawing lots can be selected

  • The rules for the draw are shown on the right
  • They can be edited by clicking on “Rules for drawing lots

Rules for drawing lots

  • The students can “draw” an assignment in DE (either at the start of preparation if one has been set or at the start of oral examination time)
  • The students can also automatically be assigned an random question set at a predefined time before the start of the oral examination
  • Click Save when the selections have been made

Setting up question set/exam questions

  • Setup takes place in the tab Exam Question Set, where it is possible to either add set of exam questions or mass creation of exam questions (see more about mass creation at exam question set)

The draw

  • The students enter their exam and here find information regarding when their question set/exam questions will be available
  • If preparation time has been marked (set under oral examination) then the questions will be available at the start of preparation
  • If random automatic allocation has been selected, the questions will be displayed in the specified time period