The reports have all at some point been ordered by and developed for a specific customer. However, access to all reports can be granted for all customers if desired. However, this means that any wish to make changes to an existing report must be agreed between the customers who have access.

The following reports are available

Completion report is used to extract all information about a completed/completed test and can be used for settlement by both examiners and censors

Review report shows exams where the end of the exam has been exceeded, but an assessment has still not been reported for all registered students.

User overview provides an overview of assessors, censors, administrators and supervision in the system

Settlement for censors is aimed specifically for settlement with censors

Examination plan report contains information about exams that can be used for exam postings on the web

Exam overview shows all data for an exam as entered in the tab Exam Data, per row

Exams without set of exam questions show the exams that starts within 5 days, where there has not been added any exam questions

PURE HandIn report downloads hand-ins (in the given period) that can be exported to PURE. The report also gives the possibility to download hand ins that are already exported to via the integration.

If you wish to develop a special report, please contact This is currently done for a fee.

Further features is being developed, which seeks to provide access to pull data from DE via a so-called Odata feed via Excel, which can be incorporated into the universities’ BI tools. This is still a development project but access can be given upon request to