Exam Language

The exam language specified on the exam overview tab comes from the students’ registrations. If, for example, there are registrations with the languages Danish and English, the exam language on the exam will show both Danish and English.

Old logic

Up until now, there has been a logic and an agreement that blank and other non valid languages on the students’ registrations have been “translated” into Danish in Digital Exam. But it has caused some confusion and in combination with the fact there is a need to be able to opt out of language on some exams we have decided to change that logic.

Therefore, the logic in Digital Exam as of the release april 2024 will be that you must always send a valid language

New logic

  • Invalid languages/values ​​(e.g. unknown language, blank fields or spaces) are not translated into Danish
  • The value IA (Not specified) can be used on the registrations to be able to handle exams where there is no wish to specify a language (Arcanic will make sure that IA is added to your lists of valid “languages”)
  • If the universities are using any kind of validation of languages they have to mark IA as a legitimate value in relation to their grade service

View for administrators

  • If IA or an invalid language/value is sent, the test’s exam language for the administrator will show “Language not specified”

Display for students

  • Students who have registrations with an invalid exam language/value will not see the line exam language under exam information on their exam at all
  • Students who have registrations with the value IA will see “Language not specified” under exam language
  • Students who have registrations with a valid language will see that language under their exam information

Display for assessor when reporting grade

  • For students with an invalid language/value, the assessor will be met with a select box that says “Specify language”
    NOTE: A language or value must be selected before they can submit a grade. IA (not specified) will also become a valid choice