Setting up Safe Exam, Admin

What is Safe Exam?

In Digital Exam, it is possible to run exams in a so-called Safe Exam browser (SEB). It is a setting that can only be put on MCQ samples and samples using the built-in text editor in DE. This is turned on during test data.

The use of the Safe Exam browser makes it possible to run a test in a “closed” browser, where the student during the exam does not have access to either web resources or local files on his computer. It is thus important that there are no links to external sites or anything else that requires access to resources outside SEB.

Before taking the test, the student is asked to download a program and install it on his machine. There are versions for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

After installation – which only takes a few minutes – the student can press Start Test. This closes all other programs and launches the closed Safe Exam browser.

After completing the test, the student receives a receipt in the Digital Exam, as with other tests.

Turn on Safe Exam

Edit settings for Exam data

  • Click into prøvedata
  • Check the box Safe Exam and press Gem

MCQ exam is now successfully setup with Safe Exam