Overview of exams and exam activities

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All exams

  • When logging in as administrator, you will be navigated to All exams
  • You can click the dropdown to select type of exam.

Show My exams only

  • Check the box to only show exams including you as administrator.



  • Click the type of exam criteria you want to be shown below the dashboard.

    Default is All exams with registraitons.
  • Click the dash (-) to the right, to fold the dashboard. This setting will be saved for the next login.

    Unfold by clicking the plus (+).

Front Page

Front page

  • Click the front page to get an overview of exam types including descriptions, which are depending on the university.
  • From every tab, you can navigate to exam type you want.
  • E.g. if Exams with invigilation is selected, all exams with invigilation will be shown as default
    with registrations and information about added
    examiners, registrations etc.minatorer

All Exam Activities

All exam activities (EKA)

  • Form the fornt page, you can navigate to the EKA overview.
  • From here activities in a given term and unit can be seen, as well as number of registrations and associated exams.
  • Search can be done on different parameters, e.g. Exams and Assessors.